Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things that make me go “meh.”

1.  Colin Farrell.  I really just don’t see it.

2.  Rap music.  I can appreciate it as a genre, and I understand and respect its cultural significance, but it’s not something that I enjoy.

3.  Hockey.  I know a lot of people are really enthusiastic about the sport (especially in my neighborhood; it is true that the Local U. hockey coach is the highest paid public employee in my state, even), but I just don’t see the appeal.

4.  Video games.  I have a daughter (and several students) who are DEEP into video games.   I get the appeal, but I don’t share the affinity.  My favorite “video games” are things like Tetris and Words with Friends (which, as I understand it, gamers don’t consider real games).

5.  Wine.  I’ll enjoy a glass of wine with dinner if someone else is having some, but I will not pop a cork for my own sake.  Really, this applies to alcohol in general; I’m not opposed to having a drink now and then, but I almost NEVER come up with the idea on my own.

6.  Reality t.v.  Actually, this is less of a “meh” thing than a “nope” thing; I’ve never watched an episode of reality t.v. and find the entire premise of the genre offensive.

7.  Dr. Who.  My daughters will likely chide me for this, but I’ve seen a number of episodes and just can’t seem to catch the bug.  I don’t DISLIKE the show, but it’s not something I can’t wait to see again, either.

8.  Going out.  I enjoy a dinner out as much (perhaps more) than the next person, but the idea of going out just for the sake of going out doesn’t appeal to me at all.  I am just as amenable to staying in on the couch.

9.  Twitter.  I have an account, but I’m not sure I really know how to use it.   I know a lot of people LIVE on their Twitter feed, but I’m much more of a facebook person.

10.  Tattoos.  I can appreciate them on others – and I HAVE considered one for myself – but I’m just not enthusiastic enough about the art form to go through with it.



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8 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Kwizgiver

    I felt the same way about tattoos until I got my first. Now I get it!

  2. Only two points to leave further thought on. I’m not gonna try to sell you on hockey or Doctor Who (oh, but I will tell you that your daughters, if they’re true fans, will chide you for the Dr., it is emphatically Doctor not Dr. for the initiated). If you can get hold of a couple of episodes of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy online I’d urge you to watch them. They were Bravo’s first foray into reality TV and the only reality TV I have ever willingly watched. Those guys somehow took something that could have been super mean and made it an uplifting experience every time. I still love them and get super excited when I see them doing other things. I honestly feel that, once you get the feel/language/gist of Twitter it will bring you things that you crave, especially in the political arena.

  3. Kwizgiver, I keep toying with the idea of a white tattoo of a dragonfly on my inner wrist, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.
    KIZZ! I stand corrected! We used to LOVE Queer Eye! Okay, I take it back; I guess there are SOME “reality” t.v. shows that I like.

  4. D

    I could’ve written this list! (Except for the reality tv. I have to admit that I love to watch it, even though I hate it.)

  5. gerry

    I coulda wrote it, exceptin’ fur the wine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izin4asq_fE

  6. I love going out to dinner. It really excites me. Wine. What else is there to say. Love it.Rap music. Okay. I liked the gangster stuff of the 80s and early 90s before the end of political rap. Dr. Who and Twitter do work for me. I just got back from a girls hockey game here on campus. Much fun.

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