Friday F*ck You, Times TWO!

I’ve got a twofer for you today, Friends and Neighbors!  For your consideration, I offer the following:

1.  John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, announced in 1996 that he would rather commit suicide than vote for a minimum wage increase.  His voting history bears this out.  Given that this is a subject that’s coming up again, I don’t expect him to have had a change of heart.


2.  And then there’s this, from Arizona, which is just the latest of 10 states to consider legalizing discrimination by businesses against individuals on the basis of the business owner’s religious convictions.  Lovely, no?  It stinks of ALEC (whenever you get a bunch of different states that just HAPPEN to start pushing the SAME bills at the same time, you should be suspicious).  Unlike the other states, though, Arizona’s measure has passed both of its legislative houses and is heading for Jan Brewer’s desk.  I can’t tell if I want her to sign it or not; part of me hopes she manages to find some shred of decency in dark recesses of her soul and veto the thing, but the other part of me hopes she signs it and that Arizona gets promptly bitch-slapped with the mother of all discrimination lawsuits.


Watch this space.



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5 responses to “Friday F*ck You, Times TWO!

  1. D

    I just read about that Arizona business. I cannot believe that in the 21st century, in the “free world” they think it’s sane or humane to legalize discrimination of any kind. WTF are they thinking??

  2. Educate me. I thought private businesses already had the right to refuse service to anyone. There was a bakery here that refused service to a lesbian couple and nothing happened to the bakery. Just like the Boy Scouts, that as a private organization, could refuse members who are gay, I thought businesses could refuse customers for whatever reason.

  3. They CAN refuse service, but only under very narrowly-defined circumstances. The Equal Rights Act of 1964 prohibits (certain kinds of) discrimination, and the disinclination to discriminate has been expanded culturally since then. The Arizona bill is different in that it doesn’t aim at a particular group to be targeted for discrimination, but rather it “protects” the “rights” of business owners to discriminate against ANYONE (because this bill expands the definition of what a “person” is; see section 5) based on a sincerely held religious belief.

    • Thanks for the info – I understand now. It’s sad that we feel the need to legislate hate.

      • Oh, but they’re NOT legislating hate, don’t you see? They’re legislating protection against attacks on their rights as people of sincerely held religious beliefs not to have to act in any way that conflicts with their interpretation of those beliefs. They’re protecting themselves against gays (and atheists, and Muslims, and anyone else who challenges their worldview), not “legislating hate.”

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