Quick Hit: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week




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A while ago, I wrote about how, before I started exercising and dieting to lose weight, I didn’t understand how easy it is, even for people without a predisposition to obsessive behavior, to get into trouble with food and body image.  Once I started paying attention to the ways that I interact with food and exercise – and, as a consequence, was exposed to a lot of the messaging and culture around these issues – I really DID understand how overwhelming those signals can be, especially to folks who are susceptible to them.

This week is devoted to raising awareness about eating disorders, and to help those who struggle with them to see that they’re not alone.  As you make your way through your week, try to be aware of what kinds of attitudes and behaviors you exhibit around food and body image, and try to be a little kinder to yourself than perhaps you usually are.  Treat your body with the love and kindness it deserves for carrying your light and energy around in the world.  Nourish yourself with things that are good for you and things that make you happy.  Don’t feel guilty if you splurge once in a while, and try to practice some healthy self-acceptance.  Your example will help others, too, even if you don’t know they’re watching.


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