Quick Hit; Thought for Thursday

As I watch the analysis of the recent spate of anti-GLBTQ legislation being floated as “religious freedom” bills, I pause to wonder if, seeing that their grievances aren’t being honored in the courts or in the legislatures, the conservative, evangelical, hard-right bigots are going to take their fights into the literal streets.

I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but I am genuinely worried that we’re about to see an uptick in violence against the GLBTQ community.  Cornered animals are dangerous animals, and the rhetoric I’ve been hearing coming from that particular demographic leads me to believe that they truly think of themselves as cornered.  Their values, their beliefs, their very way of life is “under attack,” and people who feel that they have no other recourse often resort to violence.

brutalityAnti GLBTQ violence in Russia:  image credit

Let’s be careful out there, shall we?


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