Quick Hit: Renewed Commitment

I am not 100% confident – because, you know, it’s still stupid cold here – but I’ve been telling myself that spring is coming….. eventually.  That means that, at some point in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future, I’ll be busting out the tank tops and cute, short skirts again.

That has led me to realize that, while I haven’t completely abandoned my healthy habits, I have relaxed them a bit in favor of hibernation behavior and comfort food (it’s been a rough winter, y’all).  That being said, I’ve decided to use the start of a new month as an excuse to recommit to my diet and exercise routines.

Yesterday, I downloaded a few new songs and started running again.  I’ve eschewed running in favor of elliptical time in the winter, mostly because I am bored running on indoor tracks and treadmills scare me; observe:

I was horrified by how hard it was to run.  I used to be able to run for 35 non-stop minutes, but I was lucky to get through 5 at a shot yesterday.  Side note; it pisses me off that it takes six weeks to get into shape and TWO to fall out of it.  What the hell is up with THAT?  Anyway, I have to put my alternating walk/run playlists back on my phone and ease back into it, I think, but I want to be ready to run when the weather finally breaks.

I’ve also recommitted to logging my diet on myfitnesspal.  I’d let this habit drop a while back; I felt like I had a pretty good handle on what I was eating and I didn’t really need to keep such close track of what I consumed day-to-day.  While I still think that’s true – and I haven’t really gained much weight this winter – I want to track at least for the month of March to make sure that I’m not kidding myself about this; it’s really too easy for me to overestimate how much I move and underestimate how much I eat.

I’ve got a pretty good exercise routine set up – one that I’ve maintained through most of the winter – but I’ve got to add some cardio (and maybe some weight training) in there, too.  Mondays will be cardio in the morning and teaching back-to-back yoga classes in the evening.  Tuesdays will find me trying to get either cardio or weights in sometime during the early afternoon.  Wednesdays, I’ll teach back-to-back yoga classes in the evening; I’m not sure I’ll have time for much else.  Thursdays will repeat Tuesday.  I teach a step class on Friday mornings, and I usually spend a half hour or 45 minutes on the elliptical before that (though I may start my indoor run intervals then).  Saturday gets me on an elliptical about an hour before I teach a yoga class, and I’ll have back-to-back yoga on Sunday mornings staring next week.  That’s 13 hours a week – 7 yoga classes and 6 cardio/weight sessions.  This coming week is the pilot for that routine; I’ll report back and tell you how it went.

I am confident in my ability to get back into my good habits; I feel (and look) good when I do these things, and the inspiration of cute spring and summer clothes doesn’t hurt, either.


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