Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I think are lovely.

1.  My family.  I adore these people (even when they drive me nuts).  I happiest when I’m with them, and I love spotting any of them in a crowd.

2.  Blue water, so much the better if it’s bordered with pink sand..  I miss Bermuda.


image credit; me!  I took this picture when we were in Bermuda for our anniversary a few years back.

3.  Big cats.  I think that tigers and leopards, in particular, are beautiful.

4.  Yoga.  The human body is miraculous, and some yoga poses are really pretty.

56567804image credit

5.  Irises.  Really, I love flowers in general, but I particularly like Japanese irises.  I only wish that they had a scent that was as pretty as they look.

6.  A clean house.  As we prepare for my father-in-law’s memorial service, I’m expecting family to be in my space starting in the middle of next week.  I’m working on making my way through the house room by room in an effort to clean and reset ahead of their arrival.

7.  Sparkly things.  I will admit to a weakness for pretty jewelry.  I’m not so much of a snob that the gemstones have to be genuine, though; anything that sparkles makes me happy.

original(this looks just like my engagement ring, btw)

image credit

8.  Dragonflies.  I think they’re graceful and elegant, and I like sharing my space with them.

dragonfly-dragonflies-insect-animal-wild-nature-1image credit

9.  A free afternoon, preferably on my back porch in the summertime with a good book and a tall glass of iced tea.

10.  My bed.  I love everything about it; my room, the sheets and feather comforter, the way my pillows smell.  I love sinking into my bed at the end of the day, and I often loathe having to leave it.


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