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Ten Things Tuesday

Hey, Chili!  Whatcha been up to?!

1.  I’m finishing up the second half of the semester with a composition and two critical thinking classes.  We’re working on some in-depth issue analysis papers, and the going has been a little slow.  I may drop the last paper for my comp class; I can justify the research they’re doing for this paper to count as the “research” paper they’re supposed to do to close up the semester.

2.  I’m working on a proposal for an independent, democratic, social justice oriented high school for the independent study for my post-grad certificate.  I’m neck-deep in reading research and case studies and trying to figure out how to sift through that giant pile of data to make sense for what I’m trying to do.

3.  I’m recovering from having the whole of the Chili family (minus two from England) here for almost a week for Father Chili’s memorial service.  The week went off exceedingly well, all things considered, but the disruption of routine was pretty significant.  After the last of the family returned to their respective time zones, I felt like I needed a day or two to spend on my couch in my pajamas, but alas; life beckons.

4.  We’re trying to plan a vacation (MAN, but we need a vacation!).  We were hoping to go to Florida for the week the girls have off this month, but it’s looking more and more like we’re going to be aiming at DC, instead.  I’m both thrilled (I LOVE DC and would never pass up an opportunity to spend time there) and deeply disappointed (I was hoping to be able to wrap my arms around Gerry again).

5.  We’re taking care of Mother Chili.  Well, to be fair, my husband is taking care of her, and I’m taking care of him while he takes care of her.  In this past week alone, he’s solved a computer crisis, fixed her loom (I was there to see that; Mother was in a state because it wasn’t doing something it should have been, and spent the whole time hovering over Mr. Chili, backseat driving, while he tried to get to the bottom of it.  Of course, she neglected to tell him, until about a half hour into this sideshow, that just before the thing stopped working it made a “big CLUNK” and a piece shot out from underneath it.  Oy!) AND fix the literal kitchen sink (which was NASTY; he sent me pictures.  Blech!).

6.  I’m reading – a PAPER book!  Punk handed me a YA novel that she’d just finished and said, “OHMYGOD, MOM!  READ this!” so I’m reading it.  It’s called The Vanishing Game, and it’s compelling enough that I’m still reading it.  Under that, I have the girls’ copy of Divergent, which I’m hoping to finish before we go to see the film.

7.  I’m trying, room by room, to do a full-on spring cleaning.  I managed to get the upstairs bathroom taken apart, scrubbed down, and put back together (though that was before everyone came to visit for Dad’s memorial, so you can’t really tell now).  I’m hoping to tackle the great room next.

8.  I’ve been taking good care of my car lately.  I bought her new floor mats (cheapies from Target, but still) and gave the interior an OCD-worthy cleaning on Sunday; I vacuumed the crap out of the carpets (literally and figuratively), I wiped down every surface, I emptied the trash and went through all the stuff in the door pockets and the trunk, and I spritzed everything with pretty stinkies.  She got an oil change and a new emergency brake this morning (yeah, yeah; I’m never going to live that down; even the new guy at the garage knows the story).

9.  I’m having some really interesting and challenging conversations with (and for) friends on Facebook.  My friend Rick introduced me to one of HIS friends, and he’s been an absolute joy to connect with; we’ve been trading articles (my favorite so far has been this one) and discussing issues about education, equality, and agency for weeks now.  I’ve also been my brother’s wingman in conversations about the correct use of grammar and style in comments, and how we DO have the right to discount (or dismiss) the opinions of those who can’t be bothered to express themselves in a coherent and reasonably articulate way.

10.  I’ve been jonesing in the worst way for spring.  We woke up yesterday to two inches of heavy, slushy snow (that I wasn’t expecting) and, on my way home from the gym yesterday morning, I witnessed snow, rain, AND ice on my windshield at the stop light.  WTF?!  It’s nice today – sunny and mild (that is, if you can see your way to calling 50° “mild” which, at this stage in the game, I can), and it’s supposed to stay like this for the next few days.  I’ve been fantasizing about breaking out the cute spring clothes, about planning a garden (Mr. Chili is all excited about growing our veggies hydroponically this year) and about my rhubarb, irises, hostas, and lilies coming back up.  We’re still WEEKS away from any of those things, but I’m calling a win any day that it doesn’t hurt to breathe the air.


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