Quick Hit: DAMN

I decide to step away, and I kind of fall off a cliff, huh?

There really hasn’t been much to report lately , but here are the highlights:

•  I’m eyebrow deep in research for my independent study thesis (I’m planning an independent, democratic high school with a mission focused on meaningful academic rigor, citizenship, and social justice) and in grading (really, REALLY bad) analysis papers from my students.

• The weather broke (at least, for the moment).  It’s been above 60° for the last few days, and tomorrow’s supposed to hit 70°, but it’s going back into the 50’s for the later part of next week.

•  The Chilis are planning a trip to DC in two weeks.  I was really, really hoping to get to Florida so we could try to see Gerry again, but that fell through (the time when Mr. Chili should have been planning the trip coincided with the time we were planning and celebrating Father Chili’s memorial service).  I’m hoping to plan at least an hour or two to spend with Gerry this summer; I miss him too much.

That’s about it.  Research and grading, trying to emerge from the fog and funk of winter, and planning a trip.  What have YOU been up to?



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5 responses to “Quick Hit: DAMN

  1. Ugh. Grading bad papers is the worst and it’s one aspect of teaching I don’t miss one bit. I’ve been prepping to paint my living room and hallway. I didn’t realize how much work is involved but I’m in too deep to turn back now. One of my mantras for 2014 is “beauty” because I’ve decided I deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things; hence the painting of the living room. It’s going from all white to chocolate brown with white trim.

    Good luck with the papers!

  2. Rowan

    I DON’T miss grading papers! I AM loving retirement and have accomplished several goals so far! I’ve taken and passed my Technician level HAM radio license, taken a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class and passed the disaster drill, halfway finished cleaning out the storage unit and given 5 (yes 5) truckloads of teacher stuff to new and experienced teachers as well as to home schoolers, and cleaned out my closet (donating a bunch of stuff to our local women’s shelter). It’s exciting to see all this good, usable, “stuff” go where it will bless others!
    What’s next? Next level HAM license class, finish the storage unit by the end of April, become a Red Cross volunteer, and continue helping former students who come over for help with a variety of things. (and READ!)
    I totally agree with Jules, we deserve to be surrounded by beauty and my decluttering and passing on of usable items is part of that for me.
    Good luck too with the grading.

  3. You ladies are inspiring! I love the mantra of “beauty;” mind if I share it? I’ve been, slowly but surely, de-cluttering Chez Chili, as well, though my progress has stalled as of late. Reading all you’ve been up to, I may have to kickstart that process again.

    Jules, before and after pictures, please…

  4. Rowan

    Please do share! Warning though – the “decluttering” is addictive! It is SUCH a powerful feeling to see things go out the door and to know that someone else will be using them! (anyone on the west coast need a computer desk?)

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