Thought for Thursday

Today is a good news / bad news kind of day.

Today is, by my reckoning (since we didn’t write it down), Toeses’ 22nd birthday.


Today is also the day that we decided that we’re going to have to give him back to the Universe sometime very soon, as in maybe tonight or tomorrow.

When I got up this morning, Poor Baby was lying on the bathroom floor next to the water dish (which is, as most cat parents can attest, a universally bad sign).  As I was getting ready for my shower, he struggled to his feet (which was painful to watch), managed to hobble into the corner between the tub and the wall and proceeded to pee.  I didn’t stop him; the box is all the way downstairs, and I’d rather he peed on the linoleum than the carpet (or hurt himself trying to get back down the stairs).  As I was cleaning it up, he struggled back to the water dish and took an excruciatingly long time to lie back down.

I carried him downstairs to his favorite spot under the windows in the family room, and that’s where he was when I returned home from work this afternoon.  He can barely stand on his own and just gives the impression of being done.

We’re going to be leaving for DC on Monday, and I can’t bear the thought of Sweet Pea, who’s agreed check on Toeses while we’re gone, having to deal with his passing.  He’s to the point now where he shouldn’t be alone for more than a couple of hours, and it’s not fair to ask Sweet Pea to give hospice care.  We’ll make him comfortable tonight (he’s got sleeping pills that I can give him) and make arrangements with the vet tomorrow.

I hate this part.



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4 responses to “Thought for Thursday

  1. I’m so sorry you’re going to be losing your family member. It definitely sounds like he’s brought all the happiness he can to you and your family and now it’s time to move on. Sending healing energy your way.

  2. amysalyer

    I’m so sorry, Chili… I hate this part, too. But a s you know, it’s what we sign up for when we make them part of our lives. You know that you’re doing the right thing, not that saying so makes it better or easier. Peace to your family and to Toeses.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  4. Suzanne J-W

    I’m so sorry – wishing you all strength and Toeses peace.

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