Welcome, Kes!

The Chili family is welcoming a new member today!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Chili and I dropped off our application to foster a pregnant mama cat from our local shelter (with the tacit understanding that it’s likely to be a “failed foster” and that the shelter won’t be taking either mama or babies back from us.  Not surprisingly, everyone at the shelter was perfectly okay with that).  Kes was brought in as a stray today, and about an hour after I got the phone call that they’d got her, I was bringing her home.


She’s a lovely tortoise-shell calico kitty.  Since she was a stray, we don’t really know how old she is, though I’m betting she’s barely a year (if that).  We also don’t know how far along in her pregnancy she’s progressed, but I’m guessing she’s about halfway through, so we’ll start watching for signs of approaching kittens sometime next month.

She’s a bit too skinny for my liking, and she’s missing quite a bit of hair (that one doesn’t notice unless one looks closely; the shading of her skin indicates the color of her hair) so our job over the next few weeks is to fatten her up and get her completely healthy again.  I feel we’re more than up to the challenge.

She’s settled in quite nicely so far, and I expect that we’ll all be head over heels in love before the end of the week.



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6 responses to “Welcome, Kes!

  1. Good for you for fostering/adopting from an animal shelter! I work with a local animal rescue and we definitely need more people to consider shelter/rescue dogs and cats.

  2. edward Carson

    Great looking cat!

  3. She’s just so damn gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what her kittens look like!

  4. NHFalcon

    Welcome to the family! You couldn’t have a better home!

  5. Our two cats were strays wandering in our back yard. They were too little to survive the winter and I worried about the black one on Halloween. I am allergic and planned on getting them shots and fixed and giving them away. Ten years later they are still here.

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