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Our pretty Kes was safely delivered of six – that’s right, SIX! – kittens today.

For the last two days, Kes has been behaving strangely, though in the best possible way; she could not get enough attention.  She followed us around, wanted to be in constant physical contact with someone and, last night, insisted that Bean be in our room so that all her people could be together with her (Punk’s at SYMS this week, so she missed out on that part).  Since we had no real idea of when Kes was due, we figured this was a pretty good sign that kittens were forthcoming.

After I left for work this morning, Bean texted me to report that Kes had taken to pacing from Bean’s location to the little nest that Mr. Chili had made for her in the bottom of our wardrobe, and that she suspected that she was getting ready to let go of those babies.  When I asked if she thought I should come home, she told me no and assured me that she’d keep an eye on things.

At about 11 or so, I got a single, all-caps message from Bean; “KITTENS.”  “Should I come home?” I asked?  “YES!” so I packed up and headed home.

Mr. Chili, having gotten the same message, swung by the performance center to pick up Punk and beat me home, and Kes had delivered three kittens by the time I got there.  Two more followed in pretty easygoing succession, and we thought that five would be our final count until little ginger Number Six appeared some two hours later.  Kes, tired from the experience of the first five, was slightly less than interested in caring for this late arrival, so the girls and I gently scooped everyone out so she could focus her attention on him (she needed clean bedding, anyway, so we took that opportunity to put down new towels).


Our little family is expanded by two calicoes, two tuxedos, an all black, and a ginger.  They all appear to be healthy, and Kes seems very well.  To say that we’re delighted is an understatement; the Chili household has been wandering around in a state of giddy awe all day.


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Censoring Love

Someone about whom I care very, very deeply has a partner who, for reasons I have yet to fully understand, strongly objects to our friendship.  As a consequence, the contact I’ve had with this friend has been exclusively limited to online communication for the past several years, and while I’m pretty good at maintaining electronic friendships, I had really loved the fact that, at least once or twice a year, I got to actually put my arms around my friend and enjoy some sustained one-on-one time with him.

When that stopped a few years ago, I made up for that discontinued contact with little love notes texted to his phone, or to comments on facebook that expressed my affinity for my friend and the place he still holds in my life.  I found out today that those comments have been causing him trouble at home, though, and so I’m going to stop.

Because I love my friend, I do not want for him to suffer any kind of inconvenience or tension in general, and I really don’t want to be the cause of that trouble.  I’m trying to contrive a way that I can continue to ping him every once in a while to let him know that I’m thinking kindly of him and that the thought of him brightens my life, but to do so in a way that won’t bring him grief at home.  Maybe I’ll text him flower pictures or something, because while I don’t want my expressions to be trouble for him, I’m not willing to just give up on him and walk away, either.

Sometimes, love is hard.

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