Gotcha Day *EDITED*

I dropped Kes at the shelter on Wednesday so that she could be spayed, vaccinated, and chipped.  I go this morning to pick her up and bring her home forever.


It is ridiculous how much I’ve missed her these last two days.  Fortunately, the coordinator at the shelter is a patient woman and has put up with my texts asking for updates on how Kes is doing (and she consented to give my baby some chin scritches for me).  I cannot wait to go and get her; she’s mine and I love her.


**Side note: The kittens are going in for their work-up on Monday, but I don’t know whether we’ll get them back on Wednesday or Friday; it all depends on the surgery schedule at the shelter, but it goes without saying that we’re all hoping that they’ll be cared for on Tuesday.  The folks who are taking the three that we’re not are all lined up and ready to go; Sweet Pea and her man are taking Lincoln, the ginger, and they are as anxious to have him forever as I am about Kes.  One of Mr. Chili’s coworkers is taking the calico twins, and they’re all ready for them; they came by to visit them the other day and told us all about the arrangements they’ve already made to the house to accommodate the girls.  Everybody wins.

**EDITED**  DAMMIT!  It turns out that Kes has a minor infection (mastitis, in case anyone’s wondering) that kept her from having her spay surgery yesterday.  I still picked her up this morning, but she’s not officially ours yet.  Seven days of antibiotics and we’ll try again.



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2 responses to “Gotcha Day *EDITED*

  1. Sending healing energy her way!

  2. D

    Oh no! I hope she heals soon!

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