Quick Hit: Whoops

So, ever since the kittens figured out how to bust out of the nursery, we’ve been a little worried about the ponytail palm.  She’s a lovely specimen, with long, flowing fronds that are just PERFECT for kittens to bat at and nibble.

I have her sitting on a low plant stand, but with the combination of the stability of the stand and the low center of gravity of the plant, I wasn’t even a little concerned about the kittens being able to pull or knock it over just yet.

I, on the other hand, am another critter altogether.

Yes, Friends and Neighbors; *I* knocked the ponytail palm over this morning – ironically, while cleaning! – and managed not only to get dirt and water EVERYWHERE (because, of course, I had JUST watered all the plants), but also to crack the pot so badly that it is completely un-salvageable.  Observe:

photo copy

Added to my to-do list today is a trip to the greenhouses for a new pot.


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