Ten Things Tuesday

My new catch phrase is “this is what you get when you vote Republican.” Here, then, are 10 things you get when you vote Republican:

1. I figure I’ll start with the heavy hitter. Louie Gohmert explains ebola

2. Scott Brown explains how your child is exactly the same as a foreign corporation.

Senate New Hampshire

3.  Every time I hear people interviewed on NPR about why they’re going to vote republican, they ALWAYS say it’s because “they (the republicans in question) can go and get things done.”  Really?  No; REALLY?!


4.  Here, we have the always lovely combination of Republican and Christian.

5.  Paul Ryan hasn’t given up on his goal to destroy healthcare for millions of Americans.


6.  Then we have the guy whose solution to the Ebola crisis is mass execution.

7.  Then there’s the female candidate for the House of Representatives from New Hampshire who called women “emotional roller coasters.”  Uh, huh.

8.  Texas is always good for a laugh.  Here‘s a guy comparing the separation of Church and State to – no lie – the Holocaust.

9.  This guy thinks it’s okay to call a female reporter “Sweetheart,” and then wonders why he’s losing the women’s vote by double digits.

10.  Let’s round out our list with this guy, who doesn’t want any of them gays in the GOP.

Seriously; that list was WAY too easy to compile.



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3 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Brandon

    Um, that video is about the Scroguard (would have been interesting to see how that initial product pitch went). Seems to be an entire playlist embedded and the third video on Ebola, doesn’t say anything about Louis Gohmert, unless I missed it as I was skipping through a bit.

  2. Well, SHIT! I’m sorry, Brandon; hold, please, and let me see if I can fix that….

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