Challenge Accepted

A facebook friend posted this today:

Who or what are you fighting for?

I asked him if he wanted a list.

I thought about turning this into a Ten Things Tuesday – and I’m already working on my own personal platform after having investigated the Republicans’ and Democrats’ political platforms last week – but I kind of want to do a quick write on this and see what I get.

So, who or what am I fighting for?  Let me tell you:

• I’m fighting for women and girls.  Equality – or, rather, the lack of equality – hurts EVERYONE, and I find that a number of the causes that I think are most important – access to healthcare (including abortion services), social safety net programs, education, pay equity, and programs that address violence – are important to all of us, but are important to women in particular.

•  I’m fighting for workers.  I love the idea of unions and think that, ethically administrated, unions are desperately necessary, particularly in the business environment as we currently practice it.

•  I’m fighting for immigrants.  I’m sick to death of the scapegoating and defamation of people who come here looking for a better life.  If we’re going to claim to be Americans, we had better fucking step up and start living our political creed.

•  I’m fighting for poor people.  Poverty is, as Gandhi told us, is the worst form of violence.  Demeaning and undercutting poor people has become a national pastime, and I’m beyond disgusted by it.

•  I’m fighting for gun safety and a rational expression of our Second Amendment rights.  If we can’t admit that we’re WAY past crazy about the way we (don’t) deal with our gun problem, then we’re already doomed.

•  I’m fighting for education.  We do education completely fucking WRONG in this country.  We take exactly ZERO heed to children’s developmental stages; if we did, elementary kids wouldn’t sit in desks, high schools wouldn’t start until 10 am, and everyone would still be learning art and music and having recess.  We’re far more interested in tests and data than is even remotely useful (or sane).  We disrespect teachers in more ways than I care to articulate here, we let our schools literally crumble around our students, and we saddle our college graduates with crushing debt.  Completely.  Fucking.  WRONG.

•  I’m fighting for equal rights for my GLBTQ brothers and sisters.

•  I’m fighting for justice and equality for my African American brothers and sisters (and for my Hispanic, Native American, and differently-abled brothers and sisters).

•  I’m fighting for basic human dignity, ethics, and transparency in our politics and policies, both local and national.  I’m fighting to make our police forces more about service and less about suspicion and aggression.  I’m fighting to keep us out of the warmongering business and to push us into the humanitarian business.

•  I’m fighting against the patriarchy everywhere I see it – I challenge advertising, stereotypes, bigotry and misogyny every chance I get.

• I’m fighting for the environment; for clean air, water, and land and safer food for everyone.

• I’m fighting for our individual right to make decisions about our end-of-life journey.

•  I’m fighting for a better life – safer, more prosperous, more compassionate – for every human on earth.


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