Election Day, 2014

I voted today.

In fact, I was the first person in line at my polling place.

What’s more, I made such a big deal about how excited I was about being there and voting that when I put my ballot into the machine, the man who was monitoring the thing pointed to the little “1” on the screen, smiled at me, and said, “See that? That’s YOU!”



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One response to “Election Day, 2014

  1. I voted, too! Actually, I voted via absentee ballot a couple weeks ago and now I’m sitting here watching the results and biting my nails. We have a couple of scary Tea Party candidates running in Iowa and their races are neck and neck at the moment. One candidate wants to outlaw ALL abortions and most forms of birth control, eliminate the federal minimum wage, eliminate the Department of Education, etc. Wish us luck!

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