Love Is…

… letting your kitty outside – even though you worry about cars and dogs and fisher cats – because you know it makes her happy.

We’ve been letting Kes venture outside the last few days.  So far, her trips have been short – an hour or so at a time – and she’s always come bounding back when we call for her.  That doesn’t mean I don’t worry like a mother when she’s out, though, and it doesn’t mean I don’t wish we had GPS for cats (I’d buy that shit in a HEARTBEAT).

The kittens have been out once or twice, too, but only under the close supervision of humans.  None of us is ready to let the kittens out on their own, and while they’ll stand at the window watching Kes walk into the yard, they don’t spend their time pining by the doors, so I’m not as motivated to let them wander as I am to give Kes some freedom; she clearly wants it.



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3 responses to “Love Is…

  1. I have always struggled with this when it comes to Sam and Denver.

  2. I knew they had one for dogs. Look what I found!

  3. I can’t bring myself to let cats out although I know they really want to roam free.

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