Out With the Old…

2014 wasn’t really a great year.

I’m not going to recount the reasons why it wasn’t great; aside from my father-in-law’s passing in January, there weren’t any major catastrophes (and, to be fair, Dad’s death was expected and, to a certain extent, timely), but rather a pretty consistent battery of inconveniences, annoyances, and disappointments that all added up to a persistent state of blah for most of the year.

I’m ready to be done with that, and even though I’m not really a big one for putting a lot of importance on the flipping of the calendar, I’m going to try to run with it this year.  I have some changes I want to make, and now seems as good at time as any to begin implementing them.

I spent today doing a hard reset on the house.  The Christmas tree came down and all the cleaning that had to accompany its removal happened this morning.  Going on the belief that one doesn’t need an occasion to make changes, I decided not to wait until January 1st to get exercise routine back on track; I re-started that just after Christmas.  I’ve made plans to meet with someone on Monday who may be instrumental in my reviving my professional life, and I’m very excited about that.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about how 2015 is starting out.

I’m planning to focus more on the things that matter to me.  I’m horrified and ashamed by all the reading I didn’t do in 2014, so I’m going to be devoting a lot more time reading.  I’m going to try to spend more time with friends; I had lunch with Laura the other day, Marcus is coming over on Friday just because, and I’m going to spend as much time as possible with Sweet Pea before she goes to California for college in a few weeks.  My plan is to not let more than a month go by without being in the presence of my friends and chosen family.  I want to write more here.  I am going to focus more intently on my work as an intern supervisor, and I’m planning on doing some boots-on-the-ground activism in my community (I have an opportunity to start that on my birthday).

My goal is to feel better in 2015.  I want to be more confident.  I want to not hate going to work.  I want to feel like what I’m doing matters.  I want to not feel overwhelmed by all the little things that I have to do.  I’m a big fan of little changes; I know how to make resolutions stick, and I’m pretty confident that I can make 2015 significantly better than 2014 was.

Happy New Year to you wherever you are; I hope the coming year is good to you.



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4 responses to “Out With the Old…

  1. Do hope 2015 marks a great year…you deserve it!

  2. Thank you, Jay. I don’t know how much I “deserve,” but I’m going to try to earn it; I can’t keep going the way I’ve been.

  3. Kwizgiver

    Here’s to a new year, new attitude, and fresh start! xo

  4. Sounds like a fantastic plan…or bunch of plans!

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