A Meaningless Meme

I’m going to try to get in the habit of writing more again, but I’m going to start with a meaningless meme that a friend posted on Facebook tonight.  Ready?

A – Age:

B – Biggest fear:
Unanticipated loss.  I’m okay – good, in fact – with death I can see coming.  Heart attacks, plane crashes, and kittens being run over?  Not so much.

C – Current time:
8:36pm EDT

D – Drink you last had:
green tea

E – Every day starts with:
a hot shower and good hair conditioner.

F – Favorite song:
Today? I Would Die 4U

G – Ghosts, are they real?:
I don’t believe in “ghosts,” but I do believe that the energy that animates us does not die when our bodies do.

H – Hometown:
I grew up in Peabody, MA

I – In love with:
My husband, chocolate, warm weather

J – Jealous of:
people who love their jobs. I want that to be me again.  I have been deeply unhappy in my workplace.

K – Killed someone?:
I’ve had to give a bunch of pets back to the universe. Does euthanasia count?

L – Last time you cried?:
Two weeks ago

M – Middle name:
Ann – no ‘e’

N – Number of siblings:
1 biological (and she’s awesome) and one chosen (he’s one of my soulmates).

O – One wish:
financial security

P – Person you last called:
aforementioned sister

Q – Question you’re always asked:
Why do you CARE so much?!

R – Reason to smile:
My cats

S – Song last sang:
I Would Die 4U

T – Time you woke up:
5:33am EDT

U – Underwear color:

V – Vacation destination:
DC! We leave on Saturday

W – Worst habit:

X – X-Ray’s you’ve had:
Mostly teeth, but I have had my noggin and my spine x-rayed

Y – Your favorite food:
Oh, there’s SO much to be grateful for. Butter is always near the top of the list. Pizza. Chocolate. A good burger can be sublime.

Z – Zodiac sign:
Capricorn (and I’m told that I’m a ‘good’ one, whatever that means. I guess my personality is in line with the characterization of Capricorn, but I don’t know much about the zodiac).


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  1. I didn’t realize we are the same age! And we have the same middle name (no “e”).

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