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Beanie on the Move!!

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Miss Bean has taken off!

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Chilis on the Move

Today and tomorrow are big travel days for the Chili clan.  Bean left this afternoon for her Latin Club trip to Italy (!) and the rest of us are taking a road trip to DC tomorrow morning.

When Punkin Pie went to England, Scotland, and Ireland with the high school marching band a few years ago, Daddy and I took Bean to DC (we had Sweet Pea with us that week, too).  We each had a wonderful time in our respective adventures, and it felt right to take Punk to DC while Bean was off stomping about in old Roman ruins this coming week.

I’m planning to post here each day as a means of reestablishing my writing habits; I really do miss my writing practice, and I have decided that I love having documentation of our trips to look back on here.   I’m also hoping to post some of the pictures that Bean sends me during the week; the wonders of modern technology will make it pretty easy for us to communicate while she’s almost half a world away (yikes!).

Stay tuned!


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