The 3/4 Chili Adventure, Part 1

We left the Chili homestead yesterday morning, right on time at about 8:30.  After a quick stop at the market to recover some snacks Punk had left at work the night before, we were on our way.

We had a great trip.  Mr. Chili had us all mapped out, including where we would stop for lunch (Bertucci’s in Waterbury, CT) and gas (the Prime station in Clinton, NJ).


Despite having spent a little more time at the gas station than we planned (I left my sunglasses on the picnic table where we got a little air and stretched a bit), we landed at Dudley’s house exactly when Mr. Chili said we would.

We were met with a LOVELY surprise when we found that Dudley’s mom and dad, Mama V and Papa T, were visiting, too.  I LOVE these people; Papa is sharp and funny, and Mama V is one of my heroes; she’s kind, she’s energetic, she’s generous and genuine.  I want to be her when I grow up.  Being able to spend some time in her presence was the icing on my day.  My only regret is that I didn’t think to take a picture of us together.  Blah.

Mr. and I had a yummy breakfast with Dudley this morning, and now the gentlemen are off playing at the driving range while Punk and I laze about.  On the way out to National Harbor and our apartment later this evening, we may do a bit of shopping; it turns out that the weather forecast has changed since we packed, so we need a couple of sweaters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.41.11 AM.png

*The “3/4” is a reference to the fact that Beanie is in Italy, so this adventure consists of me, Mr. Chili, and Punkin’ Pie.  Bean’s got crappy wifi access, apparently, but when (if) she gets through, I’ll post her updates here.


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