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Quick Hit: I Love ‘I Love Charts’

This came up the other day, and I loved it:

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Quick Hit: Goddess Help Them… *Edited*

My family just left to see if our local chapter of the human society is open on New Year’s Day.  The plan is to adopt a pregnant kitty; if such as she is waiting at the (open on the holiday) shelter, they’ll be coming home with her.  I have opted to stay home because, just now, I was watching a Dave Matthew’s concert while I folded laundry and an ad for the ASPCA came on and I burst into tears.  I don’t trust myself to hold to the plan; I’ll want to bring home everything that mews at me.

I’ll update when there’s news!

*Edited to include: the shelter was closed today, but they’ll be open tomorrow!*


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Quick Hit: The Tree

Today’s posts will be quick hits – here’s our tree, all lit and decorated:


check back later; I’ll have something else for you.


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Quick Hit: Yum

Why, oh WHY did it take me so long to get to the Greek yogurt party?

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I’ve been told, by people who know about such things, that if I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to have to start eating breakfast.  I loathe breakfast, but my discovery of this yummy stuff is turning me into a breakfast eater, sure enough!  A couple heaping spoonfuls of yogurt (I buy the big containers and dole it out as necessary, though I did buy a couple of six-packs of the single-serving size to stash in the fridge at work), a handful of blueberries (or half a sliced peach – I have the other half for “dessert”) and a sprinkle of cherry-vanilla granola and I’m good to go.

I also love the stuff as a snack.  I bought a pack of peach applesauce the other day, and I’m dying to try a little blop of that in my vanilla yogurt.



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Quick Hit: What I DIDN’T Say

Background: today is cleaning day at Chez Chili (it was supposed to be yesterday, but other things took precedence).  I’ve been downstairs resetting and picking up and folding and reorganizing and washing.  The girls were asked to clean their room, change their sheets, and vacuum.

As I’m making banana bread muffins, I call up and ask the girls if they’ll extend the vacuuming to include the entire upstairs (which consists of a bathroom, a hallway, a small office, and my room).  Punkin’ (“Little Punk” at the moment) comes to the top of the stairs and informs me that the bathroom, hallway, and office were vacuumed.  When I asked if she’d vacuum my room, I got:


For the full effect, hear this in your mind’s ear as a drawn out sneer.  So much the better if you imagine the little git girl saying with her hands on her hips.

I said “never mind” and left it at that.

Here’s what I WANTED to say:

How about because you’re vacuuming up there anyway and it’ll take you three minutes to drag the thing around my room, and that’s IF you do a super-thorough job of it?  How about because you had a sleepover last night after we TOLD you there would be no more sleepovers until your grades came up, and you might want to be especially nice to us for letting you get away with that?  How about because I’ve been down here cleaning up a lot of YOUR crap for the last two hours, and your putting in at least the illusion of a little effort to maintain the house you live in might be appreciated by the people who actually DO the work?  How about because I’m down here making sweeties for you guys for breakfast next week – if I can do something nice for you, how about a little reciprocity?  How about because I asked nicely and, really, I don’t ask much.  How about not fighting with me about every fucking thing I ask you to do and offering up the tiniest bit of cooperation?  How about just because?  Well… how ABOUT it?!

I wanted to say that, but I didn’t, because I’m the grown-up.  Sometimes, I hate being the grown-up.


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Quick Hit: Tantrum

I’m telling you this right now; it’s HARD to be a rational, reasonable grown-up in the face of an entirely irrational, unreasonable teenage temper tantrum.  I don’t know who it’s harder on, her or me.

Just keep breathing, Chili…. just keep breathing…


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Quick Hit: Doing the Right Thing

It seems that my state’s House Judiciary Committee today killed two proposed bills that would overturn our gay marriage law.  I cannot tell you how gratified that makes me; as soon as I heard the news, I composed and sent this letter:

Dear Committee Members:

Thank you so much for voting to kill bills that would reverse our same-sex marriage provision.  If the past few years’ votes in other states on such issues have proven anything, it is that it is inappropriate for the majority to vote on the rights of the minority; one of the main purposes of government is to protect the minority from such things and I am heartened – and delighted – to see that our House Judiciary Committee understands this.

Equal rights HAS to mean equal for EVERYONE; thank you so much for reaffirming this truth.

Most sincerely,

Mrs. Chili

‘Bout TIME this happened!


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