Around about March of 2007, I was sitting in front of my computer with a wicked case of brain-cramp. I knew I wanted to write, but the inspiration just wasn’t coming to me. I wasn’t interested in answering a meme, there wasn’t anything happening on YouTube that excited me, and I didn’t particularly feel up to making up a story. Still, I needed to write and, for that, I needed a topic.

A glance at the calendar told me it was Tuesday (I often have to consult a calendar to be sure) and I came up with a little alliteration on the day – Ten Things Tuesday – because you should all know by now how much Mrs. Chili loves alliteration. I thought up ten things to list and felt satisfied that my blogging duty was done.

I had no idea, when I posted that first entry, that it’d be something I’d pick up and run with for more than a year, but I can be a tenacious little bugger in my habits, so there you have it.

Not too long ago, I was whining to Kizz (well, she says I was whining, though I’m not sure she wasn’t dramatizing for effect) that no one had picked up my clever little scheme for Tuesday topics. I didn’t think up Ten Things Tuesday to start a blogging revolution or anything, but I did think it was fun and was a little sad that I seemed (with seemed being the operative word) to be the only one doing it. She then proceeded to post an entry of ten folks doing Ten Things Tuesday and put me to rights on the idea of being a lonely little voice out here in the blogosphere.

Saintseester suggested that I post a page where I list all of the folks who have joined my Ten Things Tuesday mini-revolution, so that’s what I’ve done. Here, in no particular order and with no pressure, implied or otherwise, that they participate, are the people who write – or said they’d write, or have written – Ten Things Tuesday posts. If you want to be included, drop me a line and we’ll come to your place to check out YOUR lists..

Me, of course. I’m not one to come up with terribly original or catchy ideas, but I’m proud of this one.

Kizz. God love her, she started running right next to me almost from the very first week and is going strong lo these many months later.

Liv, who set me straight when I mused that maybe, she might have done a Ten Things Tuesday somewhere in her past. She’s a loyal lister, and I am appropriately contrite for misrepresenting her.

Organic Mama, who is good about posting ten things on Tuesday and usually has pretty pictures to go with her lists.

The Grammar Snob, who picked up the Ten Things Tuesday habit a while ago and often comes up with some wonderful stuff.

Gerry, who said he’d do it, but that he can’t be counted on to know what day it is. Damned retirees and their easygoing lifestyles!

Tense Teacher, who is the queen of memes (in a really, really good way) and who often makes me laugh with her lists.

Slow Panic, who left me a comment saying “count me in!” So, she’s IN!

Mrs. T picked up the trend and has posted a couple of really fun TTT entries.

Lanie Painie is Insaney (don’t you LOVE that blog title?) started her TTT adventure with a list of reasons she loves Disney’s Enchanted.

Kwizgiver made her inaugural TTT list with ten reasons why she loves being a teacher.

Michael of the DLAProject has hopped on board. He very often does TTT with pictures! Go check him out!

Here, in no particular order, are Kizz’s people. I’ve added them to my reader feed (as if I have TIME for more blogs! GAH!) and am looking forward to getting to know them:

Zelda, who seems like just the right combination of sassy and crazy.

Gert, whose picture of Russel Crowe on her front page is just yummy, and I’m not really even a fan of his…

Joe Banks, who I’ve not had a chance to read yet, but I do love me some boy bloggers…

Chrome, who I’ve also not had a chance to read yet, but whose comments at Kizz’s place always resonate with me. I’d like to meet her in real life…

Back to “my” folks…

Nurseexec over at Driven to Distraction is playing along with us now!

Kari of Finally Emerging joined us during the last week of September, 2008.  Go and check her out.

Jules of Angst Girl noticed that a bunch of her blogging buddies were doing Ten Things Tuesday, and she wants to play along. The more the merrier, I say!

The Psycho Hose Beast Herself, the Fucking Queen of Fabulous, Cajunvegan, has joined in on her site, I Read Banned Books.

Remember, if you’re not on the list and should be – or if you want to join us in our weekly list making and want to be recognized for your efforts – drop me a line and I’ll add you to the list.

See you on Tuesday!

13 responses to “TTT

  1. Aahhh! Found what I’m looking for!

  2. Um, I need to be on the list. I’ve been doing 10 Things Tuesday for weeks now!

  3. Michael, my dear, you are IN!

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  5. Ok. I suck. I totally don’t really deserve to make the list as I have failed to list in months. GAH! Tuesday is my Monday and mostly just spent frantically trying to figure out if I should scratch my watch or wind my butt.

    Now…NOW I will be better.

    I promise.
    and I DO love the Ten Things. You get a big ole Atta Girl. Thanks for starting!

  6. That was from me up there. Got the name game mixed up. Double Gah.

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  8. lazyllama27

    tuesday is my favorite day of the week now, because i always have a fun new list to post! thanks for sharing!

  9. Finally Emerging is now Meme-a-holic which can be found here:

  10. Kay

    I love this idea. It’s amazing. Great way to add some spunk to my new blog.

  11. Heather Tiger

    This is so great! I have been wanting to get some more kick to my blog and you have inspired me. I am going to be adding a few items thanks to you!

    Must Have Monday
    What Would You Do Wednesday
    Thankful Thursday
    Featured Flick Friday
    Synonym Saturday

    I will keep Sunday sacred, and rest! May be kinda silly, but it will be content and keep the writing flowing. So thank you and you can add me once I get rolling if you feel inclined.


  12. How do I get on this list????

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